Information for refugees from Ukraine

The Belgian Government has decided that Ukrainian nationals seeking refuge in Belgium will receive temporary protection with immediate effect. Many Ukrainian students are looking for opportunities to start or continue their university studies elsewhere.

These are the options at KdG:

Refugee students from Ukraine residing in Flanders and who wish to prepare for higher education in Flanders or increase their competences in academic English and Dutch, can enrol in Antwerp Short Course.

More information for additional support for refugees

Ukrainian nationals

For students looking to join the September 2022 intake:

  • The tuition fees payable will be equivalent to those for EEA nationals if you hold proof of temporary protection status.
  • Ukrainian students with temporary protection status in Belgium can apply for an additional Flemish government scholarship.
  • If you are currently located in Flanders, you could benefit from the Antwerp Short Course to help you prepare for your continued studies.
  • There is no application deadline for the September 2022 intake at KdG.
  • Start your application here, or reach out to if you have specific questions.
  • Our English-taught master’s programme at Sint-Lucas Antwerp has additional interview sessions in June.

International and current students in Ukraine

We are aware that many international students who were studying in Ukraine are now looking at alternatives for continuing their studies outside Ukraine.

We recommend you to look at alternatives in the neighbouring countries and to contact your national government for special measures that may be taken for students in your situation.