Refugees welcome at Karel de Grote University College

Contact person for asylum seekers and recognised refugees:

Study programmes

Refugees are welcome to come and study at Karel de Grote University College.

Admission requirements and recognition of foreign certificates

The following admission requirements apply to anyone who wishes to enrol at Karel de Grote University College:

  • a secondary school diploma
  • a minimum level of language proficiency

Do you fail to meet these requirements?

  • You can still apply to enrol through the ‘Alternative Admission Procedure’ of the Antwerp University Association (AUHA).
  • The THEA programme allows you to follow part of a study programme even if you do not yet meet the admission requirements.

Do you want more information? Send an email to

NARIC-Vlaanderen (National Academic Recognition Information Centre), a governmental organisation, is responsible for recognising foreign certificates. You can contact them with all your questions about the recognition of foreign certificates and for specific information for refugees.

THEA preliminary programme

The THEA programme allows refugees to follow part of a higher education programme while they are still learning to speak Dutch. This means you can follow the THEA programme even if you are not proficient to level B2.

This programme enables you to follow a number of course units from the study programme of your choice (maximum 12 credits).

To participate in this programme, you will require:

  • a referral from Atlas, Integratie & Inburgering Antwerpen
  • refugee or subsidiary protection status, or family reunification applicant with refugee status
  • level B1 Dutch proficiency and certificate of enrolment in a course for level B2 or higher training

Do you want more information? Contact

Language support

All refugees may apply to follow language courses.

  • Most higher education study programmes are taught in Dutch. Linguapolis organises intensive 1-year preparatory Dutch language training for non-Dutch speaking candidate students.  The objective is for these students to obtain an official language certificate that will grant them access to a Flemish university college or university.
  • Next to Linguapolis, a number of other organisations also offer Dutch language courses. Contact Atlas, Integratie en Inburgering Antwerpen for more information.
  • You may be eligible to receive further language support after you have started your study programme at Karel de Grote University College.

Study costs

You will be required to pay a tuition fee when you enrol, on top of which will come other study costs. If you are a recognised refugee or have subsidiary protection status (or another official status), and you meet the income conditions that apply to Flemish government study grants, you will be able to enrol as a grant rate student.

You can also request financial support during your study programme through KdG Stuvo (Student Services), for example for:

  • payment in instalments or deferment of payment (for study costs at Karel de Grote University College)
  • an advance payment of your Flemish government study grant
  • a KdG Student Services grant (assistance for general study costs that does not have to be paid back)

Guidance and support

Karel de Grote University College is there to help you, and our lecturers and staff can provide you with extra guidance and support where necessary:

  • Each student has a personal study career counsellor and study programme career coordinator who is on the staff of the relevant study programme.
  • Please contact KdG Stuvo (Student Services) if you require legal, financial or psychological support.

Contact person for asylum seekers and recognised refugees: