Apply for an English-taught bachelor’s degree

  • Read through our application deadlines and procedure before you start your application.
  • Our tuition fee is paid annually.
  • An application fee is required.

Admission requirements

To apply for one of our international bachelor’s degree programmes, you will need:

  • A secondary education diploma that gives you access to a comparable higher education degree programme in the country where your diploma was issued.
  • Language certificate CEFR level B2 English or higher (CRFR: Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Go to supporting documents to check the full details

KdG offers students high quality, accessible education in an international classroom. Prior knowledge of the subject is not essential. All we ask for is your passion and eagerness to learn and we will help you to realise your potential and make a difference. We’re here to help you become a future KdG’er. Good to know:

  • No interview or additional tests are required for admission to KdG.
  • There is currently no restriction on the number of places.

Tuition fee

Our tuition fee for the 2023-2024 academic year is:

  • 7102,60 euro for non-EEA nationals
  • 1092,10 euro for EEA nationals

The tuition fee is to be paid annually. Supplementary educational materials such as coursebooks are not included. 

EEA or non-EEA?
  • European Economic Area: including all 27 EU-member states + Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway 
  • Belgian students are EEA students and follow this procedure. 
  • Non-EEA nationals with a residence permit for reasons other than work or study are considered EEA nationals with regards to the tuition fee.


KdG offers no scholarships or grants.

As a public university, we spread our funding across the entire student body. It helps us keep our tuition fees fair and means our university remains accessible to as many students as possible.

Do you have a Belgian ID card? Check Study in Flanders’ website for scholarship opportunities. You may be eligible for a 'studiebeurs'.

Application and tuition fee payment deadlines

  • Academic year 2023-24: admissions are open. Classes start in September 2023.
  • Current academic year 2022-23: it is still possible to apply for the current year, but we will not be able to provide support for students requiring a student visa.

Deadlines for EEA and local nationals

There is no application deadline.

Deadlines for non-EEA nationals

KdG has strict deadlines for applications and payment from non-EEA nationals. These deadlines are in place to help you arrange your visa in time to study in Belgium. 

To be accepted on to a study programme beginning in September 2023 you must:

  • Complete and submit your application in full before 12.00pm CET 15th May 2023
  • Pay your 1st year tuition fee before 17.00 pm CET 30th June 2023
    • Whilst the above are our official deadlines, you are strongly advised to complete your application and payment earlier.
    • Because the visa application process can take three months, we recommend applying for your visa before 15th June 2023.
    • And to apply for your visa, you will need to have paid your tuition fee and received your letter of enrolment from KdG.

Note: if you are a non-EEA national but already have temporary residence in Belgium, these deadlines for non-EEA nationals still apply.

    Application procedure

    Here’s the information we need to process your application.

    Application fee

    We require a non-refundable application fee payable during your online application.

    • Cost: 128,80 euro (excluding bank costs). This fee is deducted from your tuition fee if you are accepted onto the programme.
    • This fee is required for all students applying for a degree programme.
    • Have a regular Belgian or Dutch diploma? Then the fee is refundable if you are not accepted or enrolled in the programme.

    Supporting documents

    You need to upload the following supporting documents:

    Secondary education certificate

    • Upload certificates in English, Dutch, French or German only. Certificates in other languages need translating first by a SWORN translator before submission.
    • As a rule of thumb we accept certificates that grant access to a comparable higher education degree programme in the country it was awarded. Every admission file, however, is assessed on its own merit.
    • If you are awaiting your secondary education certificate, please submit a statement of expected graduation from your secondary school. We will need your original certificate by the beginning of your classes.

    Check examples of certificates that we typically accept. This list is not a guarantee nor exhaustive in any way. It is merely provided to help you gauge if the level of your diploma is acceptable or not. Diplomas not listed will be assessed individually.

    Language certificate

    We require CEFR level B2 English or higher for our English-taught bachelor’s degrees. Note that you can submit an application if your language certificate is pending.

    Do you hold a Belgian diploma (BSO, TSO or ASO)? Note that these diplomas are not considered as sufficient proof of English proficiency. You will need to provide additional certification of your level of English.

    You need to meet one of the following language requirements:

    • Native English speaker
      Provide official confirmation from your secondary school or university that you have:
      • Studied in the USA, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand or one of Canada’s English-speaking provinces and obtained a secondary school diploma with at least four years’ schooling there.
      • Or completed two years and passed 50% of your courses at a higher education institute there.
    • Semi-native English speaker
      Provide official confirmation from your secondary school or university that you have:
      • Studied at a secondary school or university where English is the language of instruction.
      • And completed two years or more of full-time secondary education there.
      • Or completed two years and passed 50% of your courses at a higher education institute.
      • You need to register for a Skype language test during your application. The test includes a written task. Please note that the language test can only be arranged during the period January – July, and with limited availability.
    • International Baccalaureate Diploma
      Achieved a score of six or higher in your International Baccalaureate Diploma for English A or English B
    • English-language certificate holder
      Achieved the required scores in one of the language tests listed below within the last two years:
      • Duolingo English test
        • Intake for academic year 2022-23: minimum overall score: 105, minimum sub scores: 90
        • Intake for academic year 2023-24: minimum overall score: 115, minimum sub scores: 100
        • Select KdG when prompted
      • Cambridge English Qualifications
        Minimum overall score: 168, minimum sub scores: 161
      • IELTS
        Minimum overall score: 6.0, minimum sub scores: 5.5
      • ITACE
        Minimum overall score: B2, minimum sub scores: B2
      • TOEFL-iBT
        Minimum overall score: 78, minimum sub scores: 18
        Use our code B712 to speed up the process
      • KdG proof of course credit
        You previously earned a KdG proof of course credit for English B2 or higher.
    • KdG language screening session
      KdG offers free on-campus language screening sessions for all prospective students, between March and September. These sessions consist of a test on reading comprehension, listening comprehension and vocabulary and a speaking and writing proficiency test with an examiner.
      • You must obtain a level of B2 or higher to be eligible for a place on our English-taught degree programmes.
      • These tests are only available for students who can make it to the test location in Antwerp in person, and who can do so without a student visa. Student visas are never granted for the purpose of participating in a language test.

    Applying from China?

    • All students with a Chinese degree are obliged to obtain an APS certificate of academic screening.
    • An APS certificate is also a condition for obtaining a student visa to study in Belgium.
    • Chinese applicants should add the APS certificate to their application. Start the process yourself before applying to KdG by contacting
    • The APS screening is not an academic selection procedure but is to avoid document fraud and to guarantee a sufficient language knowledge.

    Acceptance & Payment Instructions

    We will contact you by email to confirm the outcome of your application.

    Some students may receive a conditional acceptance – subject to them submitting their high school diploma certificate by the beginning of September.

    Study credit transfers

    If you have already obtained study credits at another higher education institution, you could qualify for a credit transfer.

    • Get an idea of which credit transfers you are eligible for by comparing your previously earned credits with our programme’s modules on Select ‘English’ to translate the text. This information is updated in mid-June for the upcoming academic year.
    • During your registration you will be able to indicate that you wish to request credit transfers. This will give you access to a module allowing you to request the credit transfers and upload the necessary documents. We examine whether you qualify, by comparing the content and credits of your previous course units with your KdG degree modules.
    • A credit transfer is only awarded if there is a match, and we are satisfied that you have already obtained the relevant competences.