ImmersiMed: a future-proof immersive platform for medical training

  • Deze virtual-reality-toepassing traint verplegend personeel in medische procedures: van medicatie bereiden en toedienen tot patiëntenidentificatie, handhygiëne ...
  • De applicatie is ontwikkeld door enkele docenten van de opleiding NxT Media Technology.
  • Onze studenten Verpleegkunde en Vroedkunde maken er volop gebruik van in het skillslab.

About ImmersiMed

This work presents our vision and work-in-progress on a new platform for immersive virtual and augmented reality training.

  • ImmersiMed is aimed at medical educational and professional institutions for educating nurses, doctors and other medical personnel.
  • It is created with multi-platform support and extensibility in mind. By creating consistent experiences across different platforms and applications ImmersiMed intends to increase simulation availability.
  • Furthermore it is exptected to improve quality of training and prepare students better for more advanced tasks and boost confidence in their abilities.
  • Tools for educators are being provided so new scenarios can be added without intervention of costly content creators or programmers.

We address the future of ImmersiMed and discuss how its AR applications will ease the transition from virtual training environments to the real world.

We also show many other opportunities the platform has to offer to improve and lower medical training and simulation costs.

Some examples

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Afbeelding van een notitiebord in een ziekenhuis.
Balie in een ziekenhuis: illustratie
Man in ziekenhuisbed met ImmersiMed
Zwangere vrouw in een ziekenhuisbed

In de pers

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  • Radio2: ""Bij deze patiënten mag je fouten maken"
  • Medi-sfeer: "Verpleegkunde-studenten leren medicatie toedienen in virtual reality"