Care in Connection

Research centre

  • Our research covers these three themes: 
    • Sustainable careers in healthcare
    • The healthcare professional as a collaborator
    • Care tailored to the healthcare user
  • We develop concrete answers to questions about this in healthcare institutions.
  • We develop practice-based tools that can be used in the workplace, such as methodologies, train-the-trainer kits, communication tools, e-books, as well as continued learning programmes and courses. 

Sustainable careers in healthcare

Together with professionals and our programmes, we are building tomorrow's healthcare profession, ensuring it is a challenging, workable, future-proof, and fulfilling job. In a sustainable career, healthcare professionals feel valued in their job. They have responsibility and autonomy in the performance of their job and sufficient (external) support to do their job properly.   

We focus on individual competences of healthcare professionals and external factors.

The healthcare professional as a collaborator

We provide support to healthcare professionals as collaborators who see added value in sharing their own expertise with others. We focus on improved interdisciplinary and professional collaboration, both within teams and between teams. We focus on dealing with diversity within teams in all its forms and decompartmentalising care and well-being. 

Care tailored to the healthcare user

We strengthen healthcare professionals in their connection with the healthcare user by providing tailor-made care, taking a preventive and targeted approach, and paying attention to accessibility of care for vulnerable healthcare users. Tailor-made care, or person-centred care, focuses on the individual’s and preferences as much as possible and addresses various needs while preserving human dignity. We want to increase patients' digital health literacy and self-management, and we are committed to shared decision-making in care.  

PATH helps parents, their families and healthcare professionals in preventing, diagnosing and successfully managing mild to moderate mental health symptoms associated with child birth.
Sep 2019 - Sep 2022
Interreg 2 Zeeën
What strategies can be employed to retain care staff for extended periods? Care and welfare organisations in the Netherlands and Flanders are grappling with issues of staff turnover and absenteeism. What's the solution?
May 2023 - May 2026
Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland
With EXPLAINMED, we develop a tool that makes medical jargon understandable to all. This tool uses AI to translate complex doctor’s reports into easily understandable information, thereby assisting patients.
Jan 2024 - Dec 2025

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